Hak4Kidz = Good4Kidz

29 Jun 2015 . Conferences #hacking #kids

Recently, I had the chance to take my daughter to her first Hak4Kidz event in downtown Chicago.  As the name implies, the event is geared towards children and young adults.  The goal of Hak4Kidz is to spark curiosity in the technology that permeates our world.  Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace and I believe it is important for our children to understand how it works in order to keep pushing the limits.

The event was a ton of fun for both my daughter and me.  Her favorite activity was the Technology Destruction Village where she was able to dismantle a small boom box and examine the various components contained within.  I think my favorite was building the popsicle-stick catapult!

I must thank everyone who made Hak4Kidz possible.  My daughter and I had a ton of fun.  If this sounds like fun Hak4Kidz is co-locating events at a few upcoming hacking conferences including BruCON and GrrCON. Check them out.